Great game, but i found some bugs.

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    I’ll start off saying great game! I literally got not a minute of sleep when i first bought the game played right until work haha, but anyway I’ve logged probably a good 13 hours or more.

    So I’ll go with a list of what i remember off the top of my head.

    1. The smith monster who smiths a shield armor and shield, the armor actually creates the same item as the shield but crashes the item screen everything turns up blank and you cannot click anywhere.

    2. Luminous powder, when you bring it to the alchemist and have him study it for free and go back and bring him more he has a conversation that freezes the game, no buttons to exit out of the screen.

    3. The mage tower once you learn magic you can always go back and they will always “teach you magic” the first teir.

    4. I extensively went through all the areas and i dont know if i missed anything but you cannot get any magic else where in the game besides the dragon, i ended up getting 2 bars of magic but no spells in battle, and the only times i could use it was on 3 occasions, in garlags lair, on bandits in the search alleys, and to show the necromancer, it was a little disappointing.

    5. In the forest dungeon first layer you have a chance of running into the old man the witches boy friend who says he can make things from amber but cannot, once you leave you can return its titled “undefined” and if you defeated the witch and still have the heart (Which i shouldnt have i already went to the tower, even if i didnt go first im sure it would have done this) gives you the option to have him transform the tree and you can get infinite elixers of life.

    6. The portal from the ethereal door, the warp to the bottom middle of the map transports you off the grid with no options of moving.

    7. The Egg scroll, it has ancient writing on it, if you go there before you learn to read it you cannot read it after you learn, so it becomes a broken quest item.

    8. Roc nest, for some reason when i returned a second time the child was still unsaved, first time i rescued her went right back it said i have no reason to be there, i went back a month later and it was like i never saved them but could not re find the scroll.

    9. I dont know if this is a bug, but it seems like it, when i was in gorlags lair i kept exploring the fog cave or w.e than whenever i had to dodge i fireball i had 87% and i failed atleast 12 times in a row.

    10. I kept getting inns popping up all over with the Kill the Keroshi people, they should be only in one area, i do suggest adding repeatable quests to taverns, like hunt down bandits, slay this beast.

    11. Legalizing alcohol gave me no response from the village.

    12. The witches dialog does not represent that she already transformed the girl back if you return to her after to kill her.

    13. I was left over with a fourth magic rod, i only used 3 for the ritual.

    14. I never could find a way into that dungeon right next to the start. Please inform how to do that. Or is it a broken quest? It says once you complete what needs to be in this life, well i defeated gorlag but it doesnt allow a continuance it just reloads.

    —- Most of these things are thoroughly tested as i played the game by saving every time i completed a action i liked the outcome which was every step (i know a little crazy i got pissed when my first game ended because i didnt know there was a time limit, so i was determined to make every move count and get 5 magic the next play-thru and defeat the dragon)

    —- I played with the mercenary class.

    15. Riding the boat i found a glitch where i can click extremely fast on “throw up the white plague flag” or w.e it says when you see a boat in distress, and i can rack up 4xp if i click it fast enough.

    16. I wouldnt say this is a glitch, but man did i get some of the same exact things one after the other after the other, i got the tax man 3 times my entire play throughs combined, and only got the rebels once on my second and could not replicate it for the life of me.

    17. Also wouldn’t say this is a bug but trying to get all the pieces for the door is quite repetitive since there is only so many scenarios and so many pieces to gather.

    18. Gorlags cave was insane to get through, i had to see the same scenarios atleast 20-25 times each to reach the end. (My suggestion is to make most of the scenarios a one time only, Like the talking skeleton once you already talked to him, either make him his own area once found, or have him go away i ran into him 20 times trying to find the avatars. Same with the dig our skeletons.

    I would love to know what happens with that powder, what the armor was supposed to be, and if you could achieve greater magic just to put my mind at ease. I’m a perfectionist i kill the crap out of rpgs…



    Just kidding i just got into that dungeon.



    Alot of that crazys attacks i feel dont even go off on me?



    19. I think the waterfall journal quest is broken, i always receive the journal when i just look inside waterfall, i’ve never successfully grabbed it even though iv had 15 tries most at 50% and above, but i’ve never found anything tied to the quest.

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