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Journey across the Midlands: trade, fight, and discover ancient secrets. Travelogue is an RPG that combines aspects of Oregon Trail with a fantasy land. The focus of the game is on exploration and the voyage itself – mysteries unfold as you travel from place to place, visit ancient ruins, and experience the progression of a year in the Midlands. There are three classes each with a different goal, but each with a year to achieve it.

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Travelogue is our first commercial offering, for Windows and Linux. There is also a free demo available, so you can try it out.



Browser games:

River tiles 'flipping' in cascadeCascade

Try to control the world through its veins and arteries – its rivers. Cascade is a 2-player strategy board game where you take turns placing rivers that flood all downstream areas with your influence, transforming the terrain and creating mountains and valleys. The goal is to control as much of the world at one time as you can (even if you lose it later).

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A game I wrote with Keanen Wendler-Shaw for the FiMaRu competition ’2-player’ Sept. 20-22nd. This game is strictly multiplayer, so bring a friend or challenge someone in the lobby.

Heat Sink

Screenshot of HeatSink

You must design a CPU heatsink and cooling system to run in a dusty environment. How long can your creation continue to function before it is completely clogged with dust?

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This was our contest entry for the FiMaRu competition ‘battle Dirt’, Aug. 9-11th.




Rebound Recon

Try to maneuver your remote drone to the airlocks within 10 seconds in order to escape Zantium Electronics with stolen industrial secrets. Use your drone’s advanced predictive software to plan a route in an instant.

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This was my Ludum Dare #27 entry, with the theme ’10 seconds’. Give it a shot! This game should run on mobile devices though it might be awkward on smaller screens.






The above games are all copyright Urban Hermit Games 2013.

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