Travelogue: Explore the Midlands!

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Travelogue is an exploration-focused RPG. Play one of three classes, each with distinct goals and skills, as you journey through the Midlands. Manipulate the interplay of power between the five merchant houses, rediscover the secrets of the ancients, or return the art of magic to a land shorn of it – the choice is yours.


  • Exploration-based gameplay – go anywhere, see what’s there.
  • 17 cities and 5 dungeons to explore
  • Over sixty routes through six different terrain types
  • Your actions influence the balance of forces in the Midlands – for everyone! Shape the world into the place you want through your actions.
  • Fight strange creatures using dozens of different abilities
  • Trade in over 30 types of goods
  • Three different classes to play with their own quest-lines and sets of skills.
  • Over 130 distinct events

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