Our People

The Hermit -

Lead programmer, troubleshooter, troublecauser, musician, and more. This company is his baby. Would shoot the breeze more often if he could hit the darn thing. Published physicist whose previous programming experience derives from creating all kinds of simulations to explore the laws of the universe.

whiskeyninja  -

WhiskeyNinja forges concepts into ideas, then ladles them into design.
WhiskeyNinja wrangles game production morsels.
WhiskeyNinja codes cards in Travelogue.
WhiskeyNinja makes fine cornish pasties.
WhiskeyNinja dreams in kabuki.

dangerwaffle -

Historian, theorist, and story-teller dangerwaffle expertly wrangles plot better than any cowboy did cattle.

Ronin Librarian -

An unemployed degree-waving librarian, who has expanded their efforts beyond getting employed to aiding with the ideas for the game, assisting in music editing, and creating and maintaining this website. They maintain a separate library-related blog at tumblr, wordpress.com, and blogspot.com.

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