Slogging through the dungeon

Witchwood Grove event card

For whatever reason I’ve been having trouble doing the more complex cards in Golrung’s Cave. Every dungeon has a number of really simple cards – you get attacked by some creature and must fight or flee, basically. But then there are the more convoluted ones. I’ve hammered out a lot of the ‘run into monsters and fight them’ cards for the Cave, and I’ve sketched out what cards I’m going to need (I’ve got about 13 cards left to do for Golrung’s Cave, which means it’ll have 22 cards total), but the complex ones have taken me way too long. Its tempting to just do all the easy ones first but then its going to really be a slog when I only have the hard cards left to do. I guess I’m just a bit off my pace after being away last week. Or maybe its just that Shadowrun is nagging me to play it.

Sometimes a card is complex just because of the geometry of the situation – if there’s a pit trap, for example, there has to be a card for what you do if you’ve fallen in. Do you climb out the near side, the far side, what? Do you use a grapnel or rope? Once you climb out, might you want to cross back over the pit again (and so the previously used rope might be relevant, or you might build a bridge over it, or whatever).

Other times it’s complex because of external implications. I recently introduced an item that changes how the player can interact with fires, so then I have to go back and change every other card that involves fire, for example.

Finally there are cards that are just logically tricky, where what happens in the card depends on a lot of different factors – what you’ve encountered elsewhere, what you’ve done elsewhere in the dungeon, etc.

The screenshot is from Witchwood Grove, by the way, and is a much simpler event than the ones I’ve been kvetching over.

Total cards done: 85 (plus about 12 incoming from the other authors)

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