Update on One

its_not_all_impactI’ve been very distracted over the last few days and my sleep schedule is getting pretty messed up thanks to a game called Academagia which a friend pointed out to me after seeing Travelogue, but at least we were pretty productive last weekend before I got my hands on it. Here’s the highlights:

Jeff and I managed to put a lot of new objects into One. There are now unstable planetessimals that detonate, sending you flying across space (at a significant portion of the speed of light before we tweaked things down a bit), asteroids that change course erratically due to releasing jets of vapor from cracks in their surface, and dense, spikey asteroids that are particularly dangerous and can damage you.

There’s also a whole bunch of 3D ‘medals’ for the achievements now rather than my little 2D placeholder icons, which slide into place, rotate, zoom, etc when you hover over them in the UI. No, they’re not all impact achievements, but thats just the one icon we have for now. Among the ones on there are achievements for breaking multiple objects in a row, going fast, growing quickly, going way too fast, eating stuff every couple seconds for a long time, and changing direction shortly before slamming into something.

One gameplay thing we’re playing with right now is a ‘density’ system, where when you eat denser things you can build up density and find it easier to retain more mass from the things you collide with, as well as making it easier to break objects and draw them in with your gravity. Of course if you then eat a lot of low density stuff like dust clouds, you lose those advantages, so you have to balance your rate of growth with managing your density.

Next on the list of big things that need to be done is audio. This is a big problem because of the various levels of support for HTML5 audio across the different platforms (not to mention WebGL, but there’s not much helping that). Currently it looks like our solution will work on desktop and in Node-Webkit just fine, but its going to have some problems on Android due to the fact that it seems like you can only play one channel of audio at a time with HTML5 on Android, so its sort of ‘sound effects or music, not both’ which really sucks. I’m looking into Web Audio as an alternative, but early investigations suggest that it will have the same problems.

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