One With Everything gameplay demo

Things are coming along nicely with One With Everything (aka ‘the space game’). We’ve got a few more objects in, and added health and the necessary code to handle achievements and upgrades. The basic idea is that there are ‘dynamic achievements’ that give you points you can use to activate upgrades – these are things you can always in principle do better: what is your best time, biggest size, fastest speed, etc. Then there are ‘static achievements’ such as ‘break 3 objects in a row’ or ‘eat a gas giant’ that unlock new upgrades when you get them. Currently the only upgrades are the basic speed/health/etc type, and a ‘identify friend from foe’ system that color-codes objects based on whether or not you can absorb them or if they’ll damage you.

I’ve also made a little video of the current gameplay to share, check it out!

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