FiMaRu 2-player entry Cascade

cascade_shot4After a sleepness night, Keanen Wendler-Shaw and I have finished our FightMagicRun entry for the brutal ’2-player’ topic. We went right at it and implemented a multiplayer game, server, lobby, the works in a 48 hour competition. I will probably be horrified when I read this post later, since I’m writing it on so little sleep. In fact, looking at the screenshot I think it was creeping into my constant slew of test user names.

Cascade is a simple little strategy board-game. You can place tiles that convert ‘downstream’ tiles to your type. The scoring is done not based on your tiles at the end of the game, but on having as many tiles active at one time as you can. This plays in with the conversion mechanics of the game to make the last move less important than it otherwise would be.

Anyhow, I’m off to bed, but you might give it a try. It does require 2 players however, so bring a friend. Here is the link.


I really do hope the server doesn’t crash within the next 8 hours…

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