Dungeon Hotfixes (Travelogue v1.02)

There were a lot of bugs that were stopping the completion of some dungeons and quests, so I’ve made a hotfix that should hopefully address them. As before, the content pack is the first thing updated and can be downloaded here for people that own the game. The installers will be slowly updated over the next few hours, and then finally the versions on the store.

I’ll be doing FiMaRu this weekend so this is probably the last set of bugfixes until Monday unless there’s some game-doesn’t-run bug.

v1.02 Changelog:

  • Scarhold final boss event is fixed
  • Scarhold Leftover Jack post-battle fixed
  • Doubling up of some conversation outcomes fixed.
  • Jade tower quest is fixed
  • House Kernil quest return for reward is fixed
  • Many Roc’s Nest fixes
  • Swarmwalker battle bug should be fixed
  • Intermittent load problems under 64bit linux should hopefully be fixed now (switched to a preloader)

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  1. Llamageddon September 20, 2013 5:08 pm 

    Nice work, enjoy your weekend and thanks for introducing me to FiMaRu, I hadn’t heard of it before.

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