Travelogue v1.01 Update

A new version of Travelogue is out. Go to the download page and grab the content pack update! The others will be updated slowly as the night goes on (slow upload speeds on my end) but the content update is currently fresh. This update includes a new dungeon, Roc’s Nest, which is north of Fericant in the mountains.


  • The interface scales when you change the window size, so you can now maximize the game/etc
  • Pottery is now for sale in Omen. I now know a bit more about Stoke-on-Trent.
  • Roc’s Nest dungeon is added. Bring a bow.


  • Fixed a bug with buying a ship and a game crash when not travelling by ocean.
  • Fixed Barm’s Fort quest so that you don’t get a blank menu
  • Fixed Forest Gate in Witchwood Grove
  • Fixed furniture-maker event
  • Fixed a bug with the plague event not displaying conversation results
  • Revolutionaries event is a bit more forgiving now
  • Adjusted message window position
  • Some interface clarifications (investment options only pop up if you qualify, dungeons where you need a lantern tell you thats why you can’t explore rather than failing silently)
  • Adjusted some XP rewards to be less combat-focused
  • Fixed Scarhold shadow event, gold ring
  • Supposedly there’s a fix to a bug with Explore the Alleyways but it just kind of happened on its own. Let me know if this comes back.

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