Roc’s Nest

Well, I’ve fixed all the reported bugs that I could reproduce (if you get the ‘game crashes outside of a city’ bug please let me know the details), so its time to turn my attention to Roc’s Nest. Right now I’ve got about seven event cards associated with this dungeon, but they’re pretty sequential. I could leave it as more of an extended, sequential quest line, or I could pad it out and turn it into something closer to the other dungeons, or I could merge them into one mega-card that you choose your way through. Obviously padding it out will take the most time of these options and may delay it until a later patch (since I want to get the bugfixes out there asap).

So, what do you think? Would you guys prefer a linear questline, or another dungeon in the current style ‘explore Lv1 and encounter random events, then find the way to Lv2, explore Lv2, find the way to Lv3, …’?

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