Post-release stuff

Thanks to the demo and people playing the full game, we’re starting to accumulate a list of things to fix for a post-release patch that will be coming out later this week. One thing in particular that seems to be occurring for some people intermittently is that the merchant in particular glitches out when traveling to certain places (so far its been reported for Seawatch, Sparrow Point, and Witchwood Grove). So far I haven’t been able to replicate this bug, so if its happening to you please shoot me an email. Include the time of year inside the game, since this makes a difference for some events.

Please continue to let me know about bugs as you find them. I’m aiming to release the patch some time Thursday night.

In the mean time, I’ve put up a page that shows you the various region statistics in realtime. These are the result of what everyone is doing in those areas, and its pretty neat to look at now that we have some people playing it.

Travelogue Region Grapher

I’m also thinking of making some sort of route-planner page as well that lets you estimate the value of different trade routes.

Here’s the current changelog (both existing and intended) for the v1.01 patch:

  • Adjust XP rewards to more uniformly reward non-combat behavior (partial)
  • Fix Barm’s Fort/Injured Soldier quest and add some stuff to that questline (done)
  • Fix Witchwood Grove zone 3 gateway bug (done, but I’d advise avoiding this for now until the patch since it can glitch your inventory – I’ll put in code in the savegame loader that should fix it if this has happened to you)
  • Rebalance the Revolutionaries event to be less punitive in the early game (you can now run from them even after approaching the barricade)
  • Adjust message window to avoid clipping of the 8th option in some towns (done)
  • Fix Furniture-maker event spawning copies of itself (done)
  • Coastal cities bug (still can’t find this)
  • Fixed a bug with the Plague event
  • Made investment only pop up if you qualify to do so, fixed a bug with skill rank reqs for investment
  • Add capability to resize the window contents when maximized/etc. (done)
  • Add Roc’s Nest dungeon


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