Travelogue Released!

travelogue_banner2Whew! Its been a crazy three and a half months, but Travelogue v1.0 has hit the metaphorical shelves! Of course there were things I wanted to add that didn’t make it in, and there will probably be plenty of things I’ll want to add after a few people play it. So look forward to some content updates in the weeks to come!

Part of making Travelogue has been an experiment, me trying to test the waters and learn how this whole thing works. I’ve always been ┬áin jobs where I am just trying to complete a certain bit of work or set of tasks, rather than make something that then has to go and capture the interest of an audience. I’ve had to set my own standards for what Travelogue should be and hope that they’re in the right direction to make it something that lots of people can enjoy (while still being enough along my own interests so I can be passionate about working on it). I’m a bit nervous about it, but anxious to find out whether that direction was the right one.

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And we have our first bug. Playing a merchant in the demo immediately ends the game. Fixed now, hopefully!

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