This week I think the focus is going to be on getting the content in place to let characters actually win the game. For the Scout this means tracking everywhere the player has been and making it easily visible on the map so they can know what they have left. For the Merchant this is just checking how much money they have. For the Warrior though it means doing Golrung’s Cave, one of the bigger dungeons. I’ve decided to make each part of Golrung’s Cave have some particular aspect to it that will need to be dealt with to proceed further in safety, whether its foul air or freezing temperatures. Some of the solutions will be simple (like just getting some Cold Weather Gear) and others will encourage the player to go other places on a quest to find the solution. Hopefully this means that its a place one can come back to at different stages of the game, while slowly making progress and getting further and further into the dungeon.

The other part however is exactly what the player will see when they’ve completed the game, which will probably be a distinct full-screen picture for each class and probably a shared piece of music for all three endings. There’s been the idea of doing a ballad with lyrics for this, which may be challenging since I don’t exactly have a high quality recording setup here, but I’ll at least look into the possibility. I’m also debating what to do with language here – personally I find lyrics I can understand to be pretty distracting from the musicality of the piece, whereas lyrics in another language can act like a complex instrument. My personal preference therefore would be to write the song itself in a language I don’t understand but which is vaguely appropriate to the setting. Given that, Italian, German, or even something like Norwegian might be appropriate, but I’m certain to massacre any attempt at writing lyrics in those languages. I could also go with a completely fabricated language, but thats kind of excessive for a single song. Or I could just go with English, since my own personal preference here is admittedly a bit weird.

Since I’m talking about music, here’s a bit of a preview in the form of the opening theme:

Travelogue Opening Theme

In further news, all of the events that happen while traveling the various roads now have associated journal entries, even if they’re quite simple at times. The journal is split into Quests, Events, and Itinerary, to keep them from cluttering up key information that the player may need to reference. Each journal entry also stores a location, so it should be possible to create a post-game map of everywhere you went and what happened to you in each place, which might be something that could be animated like the post-game recaps from Civilization.

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