Key remaining points

Since I’ll be gone all this week, I figured its a good time to survey what’s left to do and be thinking about rough storyboards and plans to get it done.

Game Content

We have 3-4 dungeons left to do (dungeon #2, Spiral Tor, is done at this point). Its about a week per dungeon for me, so thats already accounting for a good chunk of August. One of the dungeons, Roc’s Nest, has been claimed by my co-authors at this point, so I should be looking at doing Golrung’s Cave, Scarhold, and the Green Pit.

There is also some matter of creating a timeline of ambient events in the world to give the game a sort of progression. Roughly speaking this means one sort of global event for each 3-month period of the game. Currently the game is planned to start in late fall, and winter has its own stuff associated with it (though thats highly regional right now). The last 3 months of the game will probably be a mad rush to completion for anyone who isn’t there yet, so that event should be pretty light. That leaves a spring and summer event to code up, and those events should be pretty sweeping, adding things that the player will encounter and have to deal with when the event is in play.

A few more regional things would be good in general, just to give a feel for those areas, but I’m hoping my coauthors turn out a good quantity of that kind of thing since they’ve claimed 30 or so event card slots for ‘ambient’ sorts of things they’re working on. So I won’t worry too much about that for my own schedule.

Questlines: Two of the merchant houses don’t have questlines, there’s a partially initiated questline in the Gatelands, and there’s a big questline associated with the Jade Tower area that needs to be done. Oddly I’ve found these to be pretty quick as far as what they add to the game compared to the one-off ambient cards, so maybe this is something that can be taken care of with a few days here or there. There’s also a dangling quest-line involving an alchemist and another involving some materials found in Spiral Tor. Thankfully my coauthors are working on two big quests in the Gatelands that should help round out that area.

Journal: This one is a pain but its my fault. I didn’t implement the journal mechanics until pretty late, so now I have to go back and have all the various events we’ve already done add a journal entry saying ‘at such and such a place, this happened’. The game is called Travelogue, so it’d be neat if you could just export a webpage that tells the story of your character when you’re done, and I do want to try to preserve that idea.

Art/Sound stuff:

Sound. I need to make a combat theme that doesn’t give people a headache, and probably a dungeon, game over, and victory theme. I also need to go through and associate sound effects with all the various controls, actions, etc.

Art. I need to make at least one more male and female portrait, a sprite of a sailing ship (or replace the character sprite entirely with something like a sigil or crest), and redo the title screen.

Portrait of a character in travelogue

Special effects. I’d love to make more things for the combat engine to look interesting, since right now there’s a single screen flash effect and a sort of ‘swipe’ attack.

Engine stuff:

Mobile adaptation. This is the one that gives me a headache. This game was not well conceived for mobile platforms even though that was the point of using HTML5. The problem is that it has a ton of text, lots of menu choices, things like that. We also used tooltips for a lot of in-game documentation which doesn’t work so well on a touch interface where you can’t ‘hover’ a cursor.

Testing/Bug fixes: Fortunately I’ve had a couple people actively testing the game as I add new content. As much as we can get of this would be good of course, but its also something that can be going on while I work on other aspects.


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