On to debugging and fixing stuff


Now that the content I’m directly responsible for is done, its time to turn towards fixing things up a bit (by the way, I completely neglected to do that today and instead wrote up three new event cards…). I expect to be getting a number of bug reports from testers this weekend, but until then I’ve found one of my own. The screenshot to the right is Travelogue running on Node-Webkit right after an event card has finished. Notice the directional arrows? Somehow its getting stuck into the ‘darken’ render-mode for all the HUD elements. This also extends to the red (now black) lines that indicate the path you’re trying to take.

Mercifully, this seems to be the only major bug so far on Node-Webkit, which is really a quite gentle porting experience compared to porting a C program from Linux to Windows or something.

portrait1┬áCode bugs aren’t the only thing to fix though. This portrait is the replacement for the first portrait I drew – when I started, I was doing everything basically straight from my head, the result of which was the silly-looking portrait you can see on the character screen image a few posts back. After that I realized I could get much higher quality using reference photos and trying to stay faithful to actual anatomy. So the followup portraits are much better. The problem with reference photos is when you neglect to make sure to correct for size. This guy in particular looks like a giant compared to the other portraits, in which the heads are about half the size. Just more little things to take care of.

The other kind of fixing-up is editing work. Our resident writer and historian, Dangerwaffle, went over and rewrote the text for all of the ‘wandering encounter’-style event cards last weekend, which is an incredible feat considering that a) half of it is Javascript code and not text, and b) its somewhere between 50k and 80k words. I’m incredibly grateful that I did not have to be the one to do that, and you guys would be too if you’d seen my writing before that.


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