Merchant quest complete!

Whew, that took way too long! The Merchant Quest was one of the three remaining things necessary to do before Travelogue is in a releasable state, and it was about as long as the entire rest of the list. The final event card is 1300 lines long (a lot of those lines are ‘{‘ or ‘}’ though), which is nearly twice as long as the next-longest card. I’ve also had some time to add a few perks for rich merchants, since there wasn’t much to buy that cost more than 1000 mils or so, and you’re supposed to make 30k mils to win the game as a Merchant. You can now invest in towns to get better prices for your goods there (up to a 5k investment for +20% to the sell prices), buy a ship for 5k, or get some nice clothes for 1k that improve your skills in social situations.

I’ve also been hankering to do more content for my Ludum Dare entry Rebound Recon, though I can’t actually change the submitted entry. Following some of the advice in the comments, I’m adding some levels to space out the introduction of new objects (I’m up to 9 new levels so far) and I’ve made a demobilized version that has a better interface for PC users – right clicking to delete nodes, mouse-wheel zoom on the level maps, viewport scaling to fit the browser window, that kind of thing. If I have time I’d also like to add air pumps where you can refuel, turrets that fire another entity at you when you get close, laser grids that ‘cycle off’ for two frames each second so you have to rush through at high speed, things like that.

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