Ludum Dare: I pronounce this a game!

Rebound Recon with controlsMuch like the nervous moments in Kerbal Space Program when you’re making the transition from a long fall to a true orbit, Rebound Recon has reached the point at which I think it can be safely called ‘a game’ rather than a non-interactive trajectory plotter. You can now place points at which you expel some of your supply of air, changing your trajectory and the game checks to see if you get to your destination before the 10 seconds are up (even if it doesn’t actually do much yet when this happens). You can also click to play through your trajectory, jump to different points in time using the timeline, etc.

There’s still some UI confusion, part of me trying to design this so that all interactions take the form of a single click (but the plus side is it should play fine on mobile). For one thing, clicking to go somewhere on the timeline can overlap with clicking to remove one of your ‘burns’ – oops! I think I need to make some space for a special slider-bar that moves you along the timeline, or else I need to place the ‘remove node’ button somewhere else.

There’s a little over half of Ludum Dare left, and I haven’t touched music or polish aspects at all – this will end up biting me, I’m sure. I would like to have a few tiles just there to break up the monotony, a few animated tiles, and a pass to make the game ‘juicy’ – have things squash and deform when they collide with each other, that sort of thing, but the priority for now is getting the core gameplay in.

The list of things to do, roughly in order:

  • Go to the next level when you beat the current level
  • Slider-bar for the timeline
  • Implement all three of the buttons at the bottom, not just Go!
  • Put in translucent indicators of relevant events that occur along the trajectory (collisions with entities mostly)
  • Make a main menu with a How to Play screen
  • Code up the Button, the Airlock, the Spikes, etc. Decide if I really want Bouncers to collide with Buttons (its kind of cool, but then I have to do entity-entity collisions which would slow the trajectory calculation down)
  • Animations for jetting air, arriving at the exit, popping when you hit spikes, etc
  • Make 5 levels
  • Music
  • Make another 5 levels using more advanced concepts – fans, refuelling stations, etc

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