Ludum Dare: Progress

rebound_shot1As I head to sleep on the first night, here’s a screenshot of my progress so far. The red line is the pre-computed trajectory of the little balloon thingy. The airlock is the target you’re trying to get to. The HUD displaying the timeline and where you’re using your fuel isn’t in place yet, but collision detection with the tiles and the trajectory computation stuff is roughly in place. I have a feeling I’m going to need to speed it up, but I can get a factor of 3x just by using fewer frames for the simulation and interpolating between them when I draw it all out.

I’m debating whether or not to cache the trajectories of every object, or just cache the player’s trajectory and figure out everything else on the fly. I probably should cache them, honestly – its not that much memory to record 300 frames of motion, and that makes play-back a breeze.

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