Ludum Dare: Rebound Recon

reboundreconI’m going to be participating in Ludum Dare this weekend, so either I will focus down and only work on the game for the next 48 hours, or I’ll spend lots of time posting updates and jeopardize my chances. It’ll be exciting for me to find out which I end up doing!

For the game I’ve decided to make something called Rebound Recon. I was going to call it Rebound Rendezvous or Rebound Reconnaissance but I realized that it will never be spelled consistently, even by me.

The idea is that you’re piloting a sort of scouting drone, a remote-controlled balloon filled with air that can release air to change its direction. However, you must plot its course such that it completes each level in ten seconds, before the security forces manage to close in and capture the drone and the sensitive information it has extracted. The good news is you have powerful computers at your disposal that can exactly calculate what the trajectory of the balloon is going to be before you commit to it. I’ve got a basic idea of the components, the UI, and what needs to be done.

This will be the first time I’ve used JSON tile-based levels in an HTML5 game, so that will be interesting. Hopefully there won’t be too many nasty surprises.

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