Currently I’m working on dungeons. We have a lot of sort of ambient event cards – stuff that happens to you as you travel and the like – but not very many questy things. There are three different ‘main quests’ in the game, associated with your initial skill set that you choose at character creation. You can be a Merchant, a Mercenary, or a Scout. The Merchant quest is ‘make enough money by a certain date’ and the Scout is just ‘visit every location by a certain time’, so both of those are quite playable as is, but the Mercenary really has to get in there and do quests to make progress in their main quest.

All told, the dungeony stuff is going to be about the same volume of content as the ambient events. Before I started on dungeons we had about 50 event cards, and it looks like its going to be about 10-15 event cards per dungeon with 6 dungeons total, giving us somewhere between 70 and 90 dungeon cards (we may cut one of the dungeons depending on timing, since we want to try for a release in September). Thankfully, the dungeon cards seem to be about twice as fast to code as the ambient stuff, since they’re peppered with a lot of very simple events of the ‘you encounter a monster: attack or flee’ kind.

Coming up with interesting loot is a bigger problem right now. The way the battle system works is that equipped items give you extra actions that you can use 1/fight. For armor and weapons though, you can only go with one such item in each slot, so it becomes problematic to design items that aren’t obviously ranked as far as one being better than another (thus resulting in an incentive to do the dungeons ‘in order’ since the loot from ‘earlier’ dungeons will just be strictly weaker). I’m getting a lot of mileage out of items that give you a card just for being in your inventory, as well as consumable items, but I’m still only on the second dungeon.

Anyhow, current event card total: 72

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