Heatsink update

Screenshot of air currents in Heat SinkI’ve updated Heat Sink to fix some bug reports about its performance on Firefox, as well as to implement some suggestions from helpful reviews on Newgrounds.


  • Performance optimizations for Firefox (and possibly IE). Dust and obstacles now use arrays rather than canvas buffers to do pixel-level collision.
  • Airflows are now visualized in the circuit designer
  • Compressed air now has an cursor icon that tells you how large of an area it will clear
  • Temperature graph, dust accumulation, and particles should now be reset when leaving the simulation and returning.
  • Background ‘dusty motherboard’ image now gradually fades in rather than being revealed by dust tracks (I’m sad about this, but it was a huge performance hog)

Future plans include a series of popups/milestones as you pass 50, 100, etc days. Another idea is to record the ‘best times’ on the server and do something like ‘your design is better than X% of all designs’.

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